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KARAOKE BLUES. Largometraje
Feature Film

Directed by: Gabriela Retes

Screenwriter: Gabriela Retes

Genre: Drama, Coming of age, Music.


Madrid, February 2004. Olivia, accompanied by her daughter Dalila, arrives in Madrid, at the home of Sandra and Simón, her best friends from the 1980s. Together they remember adventures during the “Movida Madrileña”, a time in which the three shared an intense love The reunion awakens old passions and unleashes a crisis that forces them to face their fears and overcome their ties. An unexpected event will lead them to understand that their love endures over time.

A generational film, urban, contemporary, where affective, loving and family ties between three generations are restored.

NUNCA SUCEDIO. Largometraje
Feature Film

Director: To be defined.

Screenwriter: Mark Gibson, Philip Halprin

Genre: Romantic comedy.


A bit unlucky but charismatic and talented writer achieves a best seller with his first book. Not knowing how to handle his success, becomes a conceited, arrogant, and selfish person and that leads to his divorce. His ex-wife, who helped him get there, feels very disappointed and decides to annul the marriage by the church. Annoyed, he wishes he never met her. The old saying "Be careful what you wish for" manifests and he is magically transported to the past, where he never knew her, and therefore, what he lived with her:



Now he must win her back, or lose everything forever.

EL VOLCAN. Largometraje
Feature Film

Director: Mauricio D Aguinaco

Screenwriter: Mauricio Aguinaco

Genre: Fantastic drama.


1925. Amaya and Antonio, a Spanish couple living in Argentina, learn that their son Mariano has been infected with the poliomyelitis virus (infantile paralysis). At that time the prognosis was clear: He would be crippled forever or die. Faced with the resignation of the doctors, Amaya refuses to surrender and convinces her husband, a strict and pragmatic Spanish landowner, to follow an ancient indigenous ritual that embarks them on a journey through the Andes Mountains, in order to save their son. in the crater of a miraculous volcano.


An adventure filled with magic fueled by faith, in which Antonio will learn to heal his son's paralysis, and in the process, he will learn to heal his own illness.

Poster Catarina A 2023_MF.jpg
Feature Film Stop Motion Animation

Address: Graco

Script: Gerardo Alvarez and Mauricio D Aguinaco

Gender: Animation. Fantasy.

Catarina, a young woman of indigenous blood, disguises herself as a European lady to access a party. At the party, she falls in love with Hernán, a young Spanish soldier. Hernan's parents do not accept this union. On the night of their wedding, Catarina is fatally wounded and before dying, Hernán promises her that he will always love her. Catarina arrives in the world of the dead. Desperate to see Hernán again, she discovers that the only way to return to the world of the living is with ̈The flower of life ̈, the key that connects both worlds.

Catarina undertakes this dangerous journey to the Valley of the Alebrijes,  pursued by death that tries to stop her. On the journey, she meets Nicolas and Alma, young people trapped in this place, who join her in search of the flower. Together they will travel this dangerous journey through a universe, where there is no division between cultures or classes. Reuniting with Hernan at the end, they will discover that friendship and family are a symbol of union between the two worlds and cultures. In the end, Catarina will find her true destiny: To become La Catrina the legendary  and queen of the world of the dead...

CASABLANCA. Serie de T.V. / Largometraje
Feature Film / T.V. Series

Created by: Mauricio Aguinaco

Screenwriter: Mauricio Aguinaco, Juan José Rodriguez

Genre: Thriller, Detective, Neo-Noir, Narcos

A series of strange murders involving the two most powerful drug traffickers in the plaza are taking place in the quiet tourist port of Mazatlán, the Pearl of the Pacific, in the province of Sinaloa, the so-called Mexican Sicilia. Everything seems to indicate a struggle for control of the territory. But there is something else ... they are not the perpetrators of these crimes, but the victims. The violence and the lack of clarification are about to unleash a war between the cartels. Luis Marsella, judicial policeman, chess player, lover of cinema and police literature, will have to mediate between the sides for peace to continue, and in that effort, discover between hidden chess movements, that everything is a game, and a new bloodiest actor, has entered the scene.

JOSELITO. Serie de T.V / Largometraje
Feature Film / T.V. Series

Director: Sebastian del Amo

Screenwriter: Sebastian del Amo

Genre: Biopic.


The incredible story of José Jiménez Joselito, the child prodigy of flamenco in Spain, during the second half of the 20th century. A child who, from his earliest childhood, was used by all around him, who became, without intending, one of the few things that Franco's Spain exported with great worldwide success.

A child, trapped by his talent in a world of adults that he does not understand. His life passes behind the scenes, in hotel lobbies, and waiting rooms.


His only diversion, hunting pigeons from the terrace of the hotels, with the rifle that the President of the United States gave him.

TV Series.

Created by: Mauricio Aguinaco and Lucia Aranega

Screenwriter: Mauricio Aguinaco and Lucia Aranega

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Action.


Lucía Grau, commander of the Hispania airline, recounts her adventures around the world aboard the most modern aircraft in the sector. Together with the Cabin Manager Alma Santos and the stewardesses Lara and Chloé, she faces a new challenge every day, in a male-oriented environment that does not always make it easy for them.

Each chapter is a new destination, an exciting adventure. Decision-making and the way to solve the problems they face demonstrate the capacity and talent that, each one of them has. Turning this crew into a group of friends and accomplices, who day by day will learn something new from their experiences on and off an airplane flying around the world.

None of them are as good as all of them together. Flying frees and transforms them.

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