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AEROSOL - Feature Film
Production. Development. Creative.

Director: MDA

Screenwriter: Mauricio Aguinaco

Genre: Urban - Music - Drama

Production: Mauricio D´Aguinaco M FILMS


TREN (20) a graffiti artist and DRAMA (18) a B-Girl, live in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. They meet friends at the FBI, the neighborhood's hip nightclub, where they organize dance contests. Also where LOCO (28) and his gang of drug dealers operate. Tren's older brother NUK (43) returns home 20 years after he fled to Los Angeles escaping from justice for the murder of an enemy gang member. Upon his return, he finds a more violent environment than the one he left behind and sees his younger brother, vulnerable to drugs, violence, and organized crime. The only way to help him get ahead is to leave this place. Tren and Nuk will face the fate of their actions and understand how their lives can change hand in hand with love and friendship, but never without a sacrifice. (

AMAR - Feature Film
Production. Development. Creative.

Director: Jorge Ramirez-Suarez

Screenwriter: Jorge Ramirez-Suarez

Genre: Romantic - Drama

Production: Mauricio D´Aguinaco M FILMS / Beanca Films


Everybody wants love, but nobody seems to get it the right way in this urban rom-com. Whether Susana rejects Carlos, Joel is doing his best for Patricia, Gabriel is waiting for Martha or Amando is trying his luck with an American girl, they all seem unlucky in love as passions flare in Mexico City.


A story about the different ways couples interact. From the point of view of teens, young adults, newlyweds, divorcees, and an older couple. They all have something in common, trying to understand how to Love.

Creative Development

Director: Beto Gomez

Screenwriter: Beto Gomez

Genre: Action. Comedy.

Creative Production and Development: Mauricio D´Aguinaco M FILMS / VIA MEDIA


Life has taken Julián Pérez, the drug boss of Mexico's biggest Cartel, down the wrong paths, but fate offers him the opportunity to find redemption when he is sent on the most dangerous and noble mission of his entire life, a mission ordered by the only authority he still respects: Dona Elvira, his mother. Julián must bring back, alive, his younger brother, the soldier Juan Pérez, captured in Iraq by the Mujahideen. So he returns to his native Sinaloa to recruit an elite commando for a suicide mission: Rescue Soldier Perez. Along with a colorful gang of nefarious criminals, Julian must risk his life to fulfill his mother's wish and journey to rescue his younger brother from the war-ravaged bowels of the world's most treacherous land.

ZAPATA - Feature Film
Production  Development

Director: Alfonso Arau

Screenwriter: Alfonso Arau

Genre: Historical Drama - Fantasy

Production Development: Mauricio D´Aguinaco M FILMS


Zapata (Alejandro Fernández) was born with "the sign" on his chest, a mark that identifies him as "the one" by the Huehuetlatolli (the inheritors of the tradition). He is recognized as the leader of his own, who will be the protagonist of magical and mysterious events. In times of the Porfirian dictatorship, Zapata began his insurrection, led by the shaman Juana (Soledad Ruíz), who protected him with spells and remedies to emerge victorious on the battlefield. However, the revolutionary hero will fall before the charms and passion of Esperanza (Lucero), the wife of his worst enemy, Victoriano Huerta (Jesús Ochoa). Zapata will have to break with his vision of "reality" and enter that other magical knowledge of the Mexican tradition and its inscrutable religious "syncretism".

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